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For a straight adult, the sexual script is always like this: the man likes the woman, he asks her out, and makes the first move. But what happens if you are a lady madly in love with a guy who doesn’t make the first move? A relationship should be neutral and either of you can make the first move. Generally, this is the most challenging task in a relationship and when you love someone, you are always afraid of doing something that will hurt their feelings. Also, the more intense your feelings are for your lovebird, the more nervous you are. Whether you are a lady or a gentleman, here is how you can smoothly make the first move with your partner.

Learn to communicate with your body language

There’s a common perception that actions speak louder than words and interestingly, that’s true. According to experts, 7% of your daily communication is verbal and 55% comes from your body language. If you want to make the first move, use your body language to send the right signals to your partner. For instance, smile a lot even when there’s nothing funny, flirt around and touch some of your body parts such as beards for men and hair for ladies. You can always practice techniques with a handsome escort from Charlotte Escorts until you are comfortable.

Create a romantic setting

Did you know that a romantic date can mean a lot? It’s the little things you do that speak your heart out. Planning a dinner date in a private intimate space ahead of time can prepare your partner’s psychologically without you saying anything. If you are not living together, invite your partner for a drink or if you’re already married, create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom or suggest you shower together and after that, every other thing will fall into place.

Take it to text

A simple text message can do wonders in helping you make the first move. For ladies, you can text your man when he’s wrapping up for the day and give him a hint of what to expect once he gets home. For instance, text him that he’ll find you waiting in the bedroom or send him your best picture in a nightdress and wait for the other things to unfold. If you are a guy, text your woman that you miss her and you can’t wait to get home and tell her that you’ve bought her favorite chocolate.

Start with kissing and go slowly from there

A kiss for an adult signifies love. When you get home from work, it’s likely that your partner welcomes you with a kiss. If you want to go an extra mile, don’t just kiss and part ways, kiss and hold on your partner tightly. If you are a woman, look directly in his eyes and place your hand on his chest. If you are a man, look in her eyes, reach down and brush your fingers against her thighs and for sure, that moment will make the both of you see stars and feel the butterflies and the next minute you’ll find yourselves having sex.